Records of REQUIRM

DAY 1 – August 10 2012(Friday)

The reason i started my blog… hmmm… my friends forced me… but it wouldn’t hurt if i did… So yeah this is it… anyways Im gonna go out so.. bye bye

DAY 2 – August 12 2012(Saturday)

 You guys are probably wondering why my nick name is Requirm.. It’s only a simple story really… i spelled requiem wrong. hahaha simple mistake.. but as of now its one of my nick name/account name for games and the likes :D. thats it for today hehe 😀

DAY 3 – August 13 2012(Sunday)

Went to my farm today, there was a landslide exactly on a semi staircase. that staircase was really important because it is really steppe slope. Well enough of that, i have decided that everyday i will try to post something about myself. Today’s flavor would be Strawberry :)) joke joke. I really like to joke around and stuff. so there you have it 😀 i have school tom so i have to sleep early. Goodnight

DAY 4 August 14 2012(Monday)

Just so happy today found the special notebook :D… i thought i lost it. hmm as of now im trying to play a Pirates of the Caribbean theme song.. im not good but i still try. thats it for today 😀

August 24 2012(friday)

I skipped 10 blogging days and completely lost at the blog-ing challenge. Its kinda uhmm panic week at school right now…. BUT TODAY MY BROTHER GOT MARRIED…. We had the reception at rockwell center, jessie cafe. Nice place and good  food but it’s quite expensive. Enough of the place and food….. For me the most important event in a reception is the speeches of the relatives/friends. Today, i learned a lot…. about love, taking care of the babies, relationships, compromise, and happiness. I dont want explain because i dont want to risk to give you false advice….. since im not in this kind of relationships yet. BUT….. i want to share my views on compromise…. in  a relationship even if its just friendship…. sometimes we have to let our friend/lover/relative do the things they like even if we hate it… example… playing games, drinking, reading books at night, party, and all the other hobbies we have. i also want to uhmm stress that in compromise.. we also give trust… trust for me is something better than love or materialistic objects… i ll stop since its getting too longg :DDDD



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